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Rasberry shampoo PH balancer

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Professional salon quality

Sassyhairfixers  Raspberry Shampoo.

This gentle shampoo has a Ph balance of 3 

250ml pump bottle restores the natural ph of the hair and balances the scalp. They are also anti-inflammatory, can reduce dandruff and can help improve skin problems. Ideal for after swimming to close down the cuticles. 

Directions: apply a small amount
to wet hair
Lather up and rinse
repeat if needed.
Avoid contact with eyes
Use within 12months
Of opening.

Ingredients: Aqua,Sodium
laureth Suphate,
Sodium chloride, cocomide Dea,
Glycol stearate
Cocomidopropyl betaine,
Glycerine, Formaldehyde,
Citric acid, Parfum
CI42045, CI45100