Do I use a box dye to dye my hair at home?

Do I use a box dye to dye my hair at home?

I know a lot of you will be attempting to dye your hair at home! So I thought I’d share some tips while I’ve while salons are closed! 
Not many people know what’s best to put on their hair, try and wait for your hairdresser, if you can because box dyes are made on the basis of “one size fits all!” Meaning theres lots more harsh strong chemicals in them with the aim of making everyone the same shade it says on the tin or as close as possible! And let’s be honest there’s that many chemicals in them who actually knows what the end results are going to be? you don’t know if your going to have a bad reaction to the chemicals or if the chemicals are compatible with what’s already on your hair! 
It’s not as simple as picking the colour you like the look of and slapping it on!

There’s a lot more to it than you think! 

My experience of box dyes the blondes mostly come out a golden tone and the browns mostly fade brassy looking. If your hair already has a warm undertone which most of us do have than chances are you’ll be putting on a colour which will have a ginger tint to it or a brassy tone! 

A hairdresser will mix a colour to a depth and tone and strength which is needed to achieve your desired colour without damaging the condition.
When you dye it at home you can easily buy the wrong depth or tone resulting in the wrong colour and off you’ll go back to the supermarket for another box dye to fix the mess.

You will probably get the result you wanted after afew trial and errors with different dyes, but your hair can very quickly become over processed and brittle.

A hairdresser can usually tell the difference straight away between a salon professional colour and a supermarket box dye just by the texture of your hair! YES! It’s that obvious! 

Your average box dye colour will take alot of goodness out of your hair and usually leaves it dehydrated, porous and prone to frizz! 

If your apply colour after colour, this is also a big no no! What happens when colour is developing.. the tiny colour molecules enter the hair shaft and expand, stopping the colour from coming out resulting in permanent colour. If you keep adding more colour the molecules which have swollen inside the hair shaft eventually have no more room and they bust through the cuticles resulting in breakage, split ends and a porous condition which doesn’t hold colour due to lost cuticles.

Cuticles are like roof tiles which all sit on the outer hair shaft when these are missing or broken the colour molecules have nothing to hold them in place.

Colour can NOT remove colour!
This picture is an example the red dye will not colour the dark colour which was previously applied. Only a lightener or colour remover will remove an unwanted dark hair dye so you can achieve the red, but you can risk damaging your hair if you don’t know what your doing.
If you need any colour advice or some help fixing a DIY box dye dodge! 
you can use the contact us section on the website menu. 
a great product to use for dehydration is the sassy intense mixer, this is a 20minute hair treatment which will improve the porosity of the hair. It’s available in the online shop and I use it weekly personally myself because my hair is naturally porous. Do I use a box dye to dye my hair at home?

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