Gallery- Hair Transformations

Balayage 2022Before and after Sassyhairfixers 2021Bridal  hair 2022 Bridal hair 2022 half up half down style Brudal hair take ups 2022Shoulder length bridal hair side comb 2022Day at the races 2022 Bridal hair 2022 Cut and blowdry layered cut 2022 Black and silver tone colour flashes 2022 Highlights and lowlights foils 2022 Bridal hair take up style 2022 Long hair bridal style
Welcome to the Sassyhairfixers gallery. This is were you'll find lots of photos of my salon creations, transformations, before and after photos. I will try to add and update this page regularly.

hair styles 2020Chunky foils blonde & brown 2022Sunkissed copper hair 2021Rainbow hair 2022Restyle colour correction 2022Plum to mermaid hair The almost impossible red to ash blonde Bridal & reds 2021Rainbow hair 2022plaits 2020Blonde and rainbow hair with plait 2022Vivid colour red/pink Loose curl 2022Best for blondes #hba2023 1940’s style barrel curlsPearlised pastel blonde 2022 hair colour Bridal hair 2022Day at the Races hairstyle Electric Blue and black hair colour Layered cuts 202280’s style perm Red/black highlights Ash blonde and rainbow hair colours 2020Retouch with blonde foils restyles 2020Blonde balayage 2022bridal hair 2020Classic concave Bob 2022root smudge 2020vibrant red 2020curled highlights 2020perms from £35curly layered cut 2020cherry red balayage 2020Foliage lowlights and highlights 2021root smudge reverse bayalage 2020plum concaved bob 2020sunkissed highlights 2021red colour flashes 2021restyle before and after 2020short graduation short hair stylerestyle one length cut bridal hair take upBayalage with tussled beach wave finish 2021Perm before during and after result on short hair hairstyles 2020 mens boys womensTake up style half and half short hair perm and blowdryBlonde highlights hair colour 2022Bridal style 2023 Hairstyling 2022Blonde dip dye Pink and red vivid colour 2022