#HBA2022 Finalist reached Top 50 Best for Blondes

#HBA2022 Finalist reached Top 50 Best for Blondes

UPDATE: I came  in the top 50 in the UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2022 and recieved a placing certificate at 46th place for the Best for Blondes caterogy. This has inspired me to enter again next year and see if I can beat it! 
#HBA2022 Finalist reached Top 50 Best for Blondes#HBA2022 Finalist reached Top 50 Best for Blondes
Hi Everyone! 
If your coming across my website for the first time, I’m Sheryl Roberts-Flint the owner of Sassyhairfixers micro-Salon in selston Nottinghamshire. 
I’ve been in the Hair industry since I qualified in 2004 mainly has a mobile hairdresser. I converted my conservatory into a Micro-Salon strangely enough in October 2019, just a few months before the pandemic hit! So it’s been a stop/start rollercoaster ride! That being said, I have loved every minute of it! Hairdressing is all I ever wanted to do growing up and since qualifying I’ve never looked back. I always look for ways I can make my business and skills better and aim to give my customers the first class service they deserve. I do lots of continuous personal development and keep up to date with the latest fashions and techniques in the hairdressing industry. 
My very first experience of hairdressing was when I was around 13-14 years old and my Grandma let me have ago at setting and perming her hair while her regular hairdresser was off sick. My mum wasn’t best pleased about me doing the perm abs made my grandma wash the solution off incase it ruined her hair, so I never got to see the finished result 😂😂 

Anyway what did I do with my time during the salon closures you may be wondering?! Well I did online courses, I started to a refresher hair stylist course, business management and accountancy. I then came across a natural skincare course followed by a natural haircare products course. 
while I was doing these courses I managed to make a hair repair oil very similar to the expensive one I was using in the salon. So I decided to get a cosmetic product safety report done on it so I could retail it in my salon. My clients love this product it’s called Sassyhairfixers Argan Oil it comes in 6 fragrances Apple, Mango, Bubblegum, Vanillabuttercream, cherry and watermelon. A 50ml bottle lasts on average 4-6 months so it’s a lot more cost effective than the one I was using and affordable for my clients to purchase for home use inbetween salon visits. This product has been such a success that I went on to make a Argan shampoo and conditioner to compliment it and added other products to my collection like shampoo bars, shower gels, natural wash bars, bath bombs and shower gels. 
I get these ideas 💡 usually at 2am in the morning! This time seems to be my brainstorming session when my Brian doesn’t want to switch off. I stay up making notes of things I can make or promotions I can do to offer my clients something more than the usual. 
My latest 2am brainstorming turned into me thinking it was a good idea to enter the Hair abs Beauty awards 2022! 
eeeeekkkk omg!!!! Was my first thoughts on this! But I’m a string  believer in “feel the fear and do it anyway!”  I’ve got as gooder chance as the next person right?!  So there I was entering this really big award. When the confirmation came back.  I had to fill out a form I was petrified,I think it took me a good 2 hours and a sleepless night to prep and do it. Then I had to just wait and see I was half expecting “ a no sorry you don’t fit the criteria try again next time!” Abs I even joked about it with my clients. So when the email came through saying “ Congratulations you have been shortlisted and awarded the title of finalist” I was truly stuck for words! I didn’t know if to laugh, cry or jump around screaming 🤣 it was definitely a Jaw dropping moment! 
I decided to write this blog to inspire you to follow your dreams and go for it. Life is short  you don’t have time to waste wishing you had go for things you’ve always wanted to do. anything is possible. 

Check out my press release in the local paper at 



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