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Sassyhairfixers Argon Oil 50ml

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 Argon oil hair repair - leave-in oil is the best eco-friendly hair oil on the market using natural Argan oil and oils derived from castor oil and coconut oil to reduce dryness and frizz for normal to dry/damaged hair types. 
this product is also vegan and not tested on animals. 

Awarded the Title of Finalist  for the ‘product of the year’ beauty full box awards 2022 Sassyhairfixers  Argon Oil 50ml


made exclusively by Sassyhairfixers 

add just 1/2-1 pump a little goes along way, less is more with this product to achieve healthy shiny hair. Use sparingly. 
absorbs into the hair shaft to repair from the inside out. 
A selection of fragrances to choose from.  

60ml pump bottle 



Argan Oil
Whats the does it do?

Promotes Healthy Hair
Argan Oil can help cell production and strengthen hair follicles. It does this by releasing antioxidants and by using "Phenols". They say build on good foundations which is why we love Argan! Because this helps keep the scalp healthy too.

Reduces Frizz and Flyaways
Argan helps create a protective layer around the hair to stop frizz and flyaways! It also keeps it glossy... Bonus!

Shine and Moisture
Talking about keeping it glossy, because it contains Vitamin E and Fatty acids this does wonders for your hair's shine! It does this by locking in moisture.

There are so many things that can take a toll on your hair. The main culprit is heat used when styling, but by using argan this protects your hair against heat so you can style your hair and maintain glossy, gorgeous hair!