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Nano Hair Extensions Online Accredited Training course

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What’s included on the course?

Similar to micro rings but 90% smaller, this method of application is the most discreet method available on the market with no glue or heat required. Of the different ring applications, the Nano install is the quickest and the rings are the smallest. When fitted correctly, nano ring extensions are very secure due to adopting a strand by strand application method. Nano rings are ideal for those who have naturally medium to thick hair and who like to wear their hair up frequently.


You will receive video tutorials, and Video call for extra support and advice


1. introduction & theory

2. Colour matching

3. Sectioning

4. Application of Hair Extensions

5. Cutting & blending

6. Maintenance

7. Removal

8. Pricing


You will also receive


1. Supplier List

2. Consultation forms

3. Aftercare sheets

4. Manuals

5. Social Media Training

6. Accredited Certification (Emailed)

Courses are non-refundable