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Successful Retailing Online Course

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The Successful Retailing course covers all the aspects you will need to know in order to confidently and competently retail products to your clients. The course includes detailed modules on how to choose and prepare your products, how to approach the client and how to measure their response. The course is beautifully written and accompanied by full-colour images to give you the best possible learning experience. This theory-only course is completed entirely online, in your own time, so it fits in around a busy lifestyle. There are no online examinations to complete, instead students are provided with a workbook which contains tasks for each module which will help you to tailor the sales process to your own business and products.

Module List
  • Introduction & Step 1 - Preparation
  • Step 2 -Approach
  • Step 3 - Questioning
  • Step 4 - Demonstration
  • Step 5 - Response
  • Step 6 - Closing
  • Step 7 - Follow-up

 Fully Accredited course with Certificate on completion.